Tunisian partner of MEDISS project (Arid Regions Institute of Medenine) has participated in the Kick of meeting of MENAWARA project which was held in Gammarth – Tunisia November 28, 2019 to launch the "Non Conventional WAter Re-use in Agriculture in MEditerranean countries-MENAWARA" project, under the Cooperative across borders in the Mediterranean “ENI CBCMED” Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and under the Sardinian Governorate administration” leading by Deserti6cation Research Centre (NRD, Sassari), in partnership with the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies -Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (Italy), Civil Volunteer Group (Palestine), National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (Jordan) The National Sanitation Utility (Tunisia) and Foundation Center for New Water Technologies (Andalucía, Spain). The joint challenges of MENAWARA project consist in providing additional resources by recycling drainage and wastewater, tapping water losses, rationalizing water use practices and setting operational governance models in line with national and international plans. The project is designed to enhance access to water through the treatment of wastewater to be re-used as complementary irrigation and to strengthen the capacity of governmental institutions, non-state actors operating in the sector, technicians, and farmers. This project cross with MEDISS project that’s aims to contribute to sustainable water balance in Mediterranean areas, increasing resilience to water stress and climate change through nonconventional water supply to irrigate high-quality agricultural crops such as vegetables and dates. Tunisian Partner (Institute of Arid Regions)

Dr. Saifeddine ETURKI