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This research was conducted aiming to improve the coagulation abilities of camel milk using an enzymatic extract from the Kaolin Layer (EKL) of chicken gizzards as a substitute to commercial rennet. The crude extract was prepared by dissolving dry Kaolin layer powder on a mixture of Nacl/CaCO3. The milk clotting activity (MCA) of the crude extract was determined basing to Berridge method. The EKL optimum coagulation conditions were as follows: pH=5, temperature=45°C; and a concentration of CaCl2: 0.09M.  In addition, the enzymatic extract showed an important coagulant power mainly for camel milk: UP = 0.630 ± 0.04 against a coagulation frequency of 0.672 ± 0.05 for bovine milk. EKL can be used as a coagulant agent in cheese production for both camel and cow milk.

  • Camel milk
  • coagulation
  • Kaolin layer
  • enzymatic extract

Research Aspects in Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences Vol. 115 July 2021 , Page 1-10